Your Partner in Excellence

Collectiver Inc. is a management consulting firm located in Montreal, Canada. We assist clients in improving individual and organizational performance.​

Welcome to Collectiver!

Our clients achieve sustainable results without capital expenses by focusing their effort on three key areas:

– Enlightened Leadership
– Advanced Management Systems
– Engaged Workforce

We do not provide strategic advice; we partner with our clients and deliver measurable results together.

After the initial assessment, we agree on the opportunities for improvement and KPIs to be achieved. Typically, we achieve a 5:1 ROI within the first 6 to 12 months of partnership – which makes your improvement virtually cost-free.


Collectiver Inc. takes its name from our smart online tool launched in 2011. 

The idea took flight, we gained more experience, and now we are a consulting company partnering with organizations on projects that help good people and teams become better – virtually at no cost.