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Earlier today, I dozed off at the computer and eventually saw the reflection of my face reflected on the dark screen. That was a revelation. Definitely, I could benefit from an unbiased opinion about my facial expression. After some research, I stumbled across an interesting online tool: PhotoFeeler. All you have to do is upload your profile picture – and get feedback from other internauts who have never seen you before. Takes a few minutes to get set and start digesting interesting insights on yourself and on anyone you may be curious to hear about.

The only unpleasant moment for me was the revelation that it was someone else who came up with this bright product idea… Other than that, it was a positive and a very enriching experience.

Moreover, it is absolutely free if you provide feedback in return.

I was not surprised to learn that my mugshot “likability” score was somewhat low. Based on the unequivocal feedback on my submitted avatars, I have made some adjustments immediately. Arguably, it was not too late.

Bonus: likeable or not, now I know how I stand visa-a-vis some coaching greats as well as some not-so-greats that I happen to know personally.

In all, the tool offers excellent weekend fun and provides information crucial to one’s personal brand.

Check it out at – and share your opinion with the rest of us.

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