CLCTVR 2.0 tool will locate your North Star among the stars of your teammates, colleagues and friends.

Just follow the instructions on the Q7 FORM, answer the 7 “A/B” questions, and your star will appear on the Celestial Map after the daily update.
You will see your star on the Map but your answers will remain confidential and your identity will not be disclosed.

As the Tool is in Beta testing now, the Star Location Service is provided ABSOLUTELY FREE!

As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a screenshot with your Star highlighted to the email address that you provide on the form. The location of the star indicates your dominant values and can help you in your career.Elon Musk Star

For a limited time, you may request your team of up to 15 people to be assessed for Team Values Congruity —¬†FREE!
Please contact by email (address is in the Q7 FORM).

To read more about Values and the Collectiver tool, click #values.

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