That's how CLTVR was conceived.

That’s how CLTVR was conceived.Collectiver is a smart online tool helping teams and team members to find the right fit. We found the right fit ourselves and decided to help others. That’s how the tool was conceived (see the picture above).


The tool worked with LinkedIn API, but shortly after its launch was effectively grounded by LinkedIn as they changed their access rules.

The Collectiver team – some really talented and versatile young people – are now working on the new tool, Collectiver 2.0, which is helping good people and teams become better.

Stay in touch if you want to be part of the pilot testing. We will need good teams to play with it and get ahead of the pack with its help.

How’s that going to work? By matching people and teams based on their real core values. Only when the match is good, people are happy, teams are efficient and business are sustainable.

In the meantime, read Collectiver blog – on motivation and efficiency.