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Four-Letter Word, Starting with ‘F’: ….. ?

No, not the one you think. And I am not surprised. You need a paradigm shift. Imagine reading something like this: Healthy Sex: Indulge your “sweet tooth” — the healthy way. Adding a little spice to your sex life is not off-limits in the […] Clinic Diet. Here’s how you can have your muffin and […]

Two Hot Points That Improve Business

If you are an SME and want to be a BSE (Big and Strong), you may wonder what could be your areas for improvement. Indeed, there are always some, and not to say many, as most of medium-sized businesses with high-tech content have the same root causes of their inefficiencies. Chances are that you are not […]

“LEAN all over the place. But It Does Not Work.”

For our “exploratory meeting,” I asked my client, a 150-ppl business, to share their orgchart. “We don’t have one but I will have one sketched for you.” Soon, an email arrived. Attached to the email (that had actually no text) was an excel file with a dozen rectangles, sorted in three columns, half of them […]

Enter the Teamgager: Feedback Your Team Will Love

Teamgager is a performance assessment tool that your team will love; and you will, too.
If “Lean” and “Agile” are on your mind right after “Team,” this is the tool for you. Trusted by teams, tested and loved by business owners that are ready for a disruptive change. Teamgager is an approach that you can implement yourself, subscription-free, accessible to the team on mobile and PC.