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Make Every Minute of Your Life Count Towards Your Goal

My Goal

If you want to be efficient, you must work towards your goal – always. Even if you are chatting with a colleague about last weekend’s BBQ, you should have a goal. Perhaps your goal is to have a short break before you get back to work. But you must be consciously aware of this intermediate goal […]

What Makes Life Worthwhile? Good People Made Better

What Makes Life Worthwhile

Once in a while you get news that makes your life worthwhile. Last week a colleague sent me a text with the phone number of a former client: “He wants to speak with you.” I called the new mobile number right away and learned that Vlad has been promoted to the top position at an […]

Easy Reading: Wisdom Quote by Mark Twain

By “easy reading” I mean really easy, i.e. big letters, just one sentence (above), and no links or other distractions.