Brian Fetherstonhaugh: “The Long View”

Over the weekend, I have read a very interesting book – “The Long View” by Brian Fetherstonhaugh.

Brian Fetherstonhaugh is the Chairman & CEO of OgilvyOne, but the book is not about marketing. It is a thoughtful but clear feedback on his personal career experiences, supported by “business cases” from the careers of other successful individuals.

Key Takeaways:

In today’s world, careers become longer and can easily span 45 years or more. We pass through three big career stages, each lasting about fifteen years, and each with its own dominant strategy.

The author analyzes each stage in detail, and that makes the book extremely valuable regardless which career stage you are in at the present.

The Three Career Stages are:

  • Stage One, the foundation: you are building your fuel supply, but you should not be discouraged by changing the direction because you are yet to find your sweet spot. Learning is more important than success.
  • Stage Two: “the time to find the intersection zone between what you are good at, what you love to do, and what the world appreciates.”
  • Stage Three: reallocation of time, going from the coachee to the coach state, passing the torch. With the right mindset, this set is exceptionally fulfilling and enduring.

Three essential forms of career fuel, critical to continue accumulating throughout your career:

  • Transportable skills
  • Meaningful experiences
  • Enduring relationships

As we are going towards the world dominated by computers and AI, the nature of the employment, job search and talent search is changing. Although listed by the author as what recruiters look for in CEO-level candidates, these are the traits that will determine one’s success:

Traits that will determine one’s success in today’s world:

  • Integrity and Fit.
  • Intellectual curiosity and agility.
  • Track record of driving business performance ahead.
  • Authenticity, self-awareness, and balance.
  • Energy and passion.

The book is a must-read for all professionals, regardless of age or career level, from students to retirees.

Add it to your required reading list.

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