May the Fourth…

TGIF, fellow professionals, and Happy May the Fourth!

Once again, I find myself puzzled by the enduring obsession with the Star Wars saga. Despite my earnest efforts over the past three decades, our relationship remains distant at best. I’ve tried making friends with the personages of this galactic saga, but to no avail.

My closest brush with appreciation came during my primary school days when I immersed myself in H.G. Wells’s “The War of the Worlds.” However, this predated the original Star Wars trilogy. Despite my imagination being adept at conjuring vivid visual spectacles (no need for mind-altering substances, ever), perhaps rendering Star Wars’ special effects redundant in my mental theatre.

Another close call occurred when I was abruptly terminated by one smug Empire. The official reason was as stunning as hearing “Luke, I am NOT your father!” In my case, it was for “having left a hockey game 15 minutes too early” – apparently a No-No in their corporate culture.

As the Star Wars Day festivities are upon us, I find myself turning to the esteemed intellectual minds of my readers, seeking enlightenment. What is the underlying root cause and seemingly unquenchable significance of this cultural juggernaut?

Could someone please elucidate this in simple words?!

I approach with an open mind, eager to comprehend what I’ve been missing all these years, and how this oversight may have affected my professional and personal well-being.


P.S.: Could it be that Star Wars is about succession planning? A new exhibit added to the COMA collection suggests just that.

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