Are you one of OZ?

Are you one of OZ?

It is very hard to believe but it’s been 10 years since we had that wonderful BBQ in the Windsor Station courtyard….

There’s no cozy courtyard anymore, and we have all gone our own ways that were unknown to most of us ten years ago.

At OZ, we had an amazing team full of energy and synergy. Ten years later, I am sure, we continue igniting our new teams, spreading the vibes we once shared at OZ Communications.

I am sure that Skuli is spreading his vibes right now at WOW air.

Wonder why we had that BBQ ten years ago? Wonder why I am posting this today? Relive the moment one more time on YouTube and examine the images carefully at 0:40.

Happy Birthday Skuli!

And how are we all doing?

If you are you still one of OZ, let’s check something together: What made our OZ team unique?

When you have a minute, please spend this minute on Q7, and I will let you all know what made OZ special as soon as I get your responses.
Please write “OZ” as your place of work. Your contribution to the research will be invaluable!

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