My Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2019

I looked at the calendar today and realized that the end of the year is very close. So I decided that now is the right time to make the New Year resolutions. Like KPIs, NYRs are important because they help monitor my continuous improvement.

Usually, I do not do this because I don’t need to improve anything, not really. But this year, as I had more time to myself, I realized that I am not perfect, so I could give it a try.

Here are my top 10 NYRs for 2019:

  1. I will smile more often when I deal with clients and colleagues. Even when I hear these words: “I have not had the time to check my emails.
  2. I will not smile only when the company senior leaders explain how their servant leadership practices and exceptional inherent humbleness boost the team engagement.
  3. I will not be sarcastic. I will simply express my deep gratitude when told by my boss that “the amount of your bonus reflects how much the company values your contribution to the business.”
  4. I will stay positive and encouraging. If there’s nothing good to say, I can always start my email with the words: “You must have had your spellchecker on this time. Great job!”
  5. I will always go the extra mile when suggested by the Project Sponsor, absolutely so! I will, however, reserve the right to reverse the direction at any time.
  6. I will never say “I told you so!” at the risk review I’ll just roll my eyes.
  7. I will not try remembering all the wrongdoings of my colleagues; overloading one’s memory with negative thoughts slows down the brain. Instead, I will simply register them in the project log (is there a special app for just that?).
  8. I will stop blaming the team members for any mistakes, ever. I’ll increase my team status and move the blame to the Steering Committee.
  9. I will not speculate publicly about what Dick’s girlfriend’s name could be and about the probable reason why he is late for the project meeting. Definitely not if Dick is already in the room.
  10. I will never refer to the new CEO’s admin as “that grain-fed nymphet.” The good old “chick” should suffice.

Altogether I will be a better person. Not glaringly good, just better, at least I’ll try…