TRUMPQ7UEST: Crowdsourcing Trump’s Values Profile

Last year, in order to understand Elon Musk’s success drivers, we crowdsourced his profile with our Collectiver Q7 Culture Compass Tool.

After a hundred of completed questionnaires, we obtained a stable position of Elon’s “North Star” and placed on the Values Map – see the red one here. The star position would not change any longer with more responses, so we closed the Elon Musk questionnaire and logged it in our book as a Q7 success!

Now you can check if you are aligned with Elon and perhaps could team up with him one day – if you are. Indeed, our research shows that successful entrepreneurs seem to have a high level of congruence with Elon, while effective team demonstrate considerable internal congruence.

Mr. Donald TRUMP.

Probably, every person who has ever read a newspaper sooner or later asks this question:

What’s driving this guy?

As Elon’s profile offered some clues, we hope to get some revelations from your answers to the TRUMPQ7UEST by Collectiver. Please, share your understanding, fill this one-minute questionnaire.

We’ll analyze your responses and calculate Donald Trump’s North Star coordinates. The Star’s location will hopefully provide a visual explanation to some of his actions.

So please do your bit – click here – and come back to see the croudsourced Trump Star updated on the Map daily.

Your support may be crucial to the entire mankind!

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