Four-Letter Word, Starting with ‘F’: ….. ?

No, not the one you think. And I am not surprised. You need a paradigm shift.

Imagine reading something like this:

Healthy Sex: Indulge your “sweet tooth” — the healthy way.
Adding a little spice to your sex life is not off-limits in the […] Clinic Diet. Here’s how you can have your muffin and eat it too.

Do you find it harder to manage your hormones during a business trip? You’re not alone. However, treats such as one-nighters, hotel romances, and weekend hookups are loaded with headaches — mostly from STD and unwanted pregnancy risks — while being not very fulfilling and offering very little (if any) emotional value. But don’t worry; you don’t have to give up your sex treats entirely on the [….] Clinic Diet — after all, healthy living is about balance! Read on for a horny-goat-satisfying “Recipe for banana bread” adult game instructions, and learn how you can make your indulgences count without putting your family relationship at risk.
The [….] Clinic Diet recommends limiting your new partners to 1 per week. You can have your weekly allowance or save up for a longer trip, like attending a trade show week in Thailand or expect a long layover in Frankfurt FKK Oase. Small amounts of telephone sex or mild flirting with hotel staff are good choices for satisfying your “sweet tooth” on the road, while you can also opt for other treats with some emotional value, such as attending an exhibition of erotic art. Or – try this sexy but safe adult game:

(No of players: 2-3):

Sounds wild? Actually, not that much. All I have done was – just copied a few paragraphs from the website of a reputable healthcare institution and replaced the food-related vocabulary with sex-related.

We do not realize that we are being continuously convinced by the Big Food encouraging us to eat more, whatever may be the reason, 24/7. Even when you realize that the advice should rather be to stop eating, you are prompted to “eat healthy,” even by doctors. No wonder up to 75% of our population are overweight or obese.

I find this insanely irresponsible. What the medical profession should do instead is to change our perception of food to satisfying our biological needs instead of indulging our corporeal wants.

Consider this: According to the United Nations, about 1 billion people in the world are overweight and over 400 million are obese, compared with 850 million who are underweight. If we simply stop overeating, we will resolve the problem of global hunger at no extra cost, improve our health dramatically, and – bonus item! – reduce CO2 emissions footprint.

SJWs, is that not something worth fighting for?!

Quite a few professionals realize that personal success depends on health and healthy appearance, but they need guidance and support to achieve sustainable life change. For over two years I have been running an exclusive private weight-loss coaching program as an add-on to business performance improvement activities for senior managers. This program gives a stable and sustainable weight loss at the rate of 1% of the body mass per week. The weight loss is sustainable because it is based not on “hacks” and “tricks” but on a complete paradigm shift achieved during our extensive cooperation. After the program, your reaction to a “healthy snack with 0 cola” will be similar to what you experienced reading the fake article above.

But maybe not: this program is not for everybody. If you are serious about your personal performance improvement and realize that your weight (and looks) are part of it, get in touch with me. You may still have time to get in shape in time for the summer vacation – or, actually, what’s that trade show in Thai?…