Work Life as Business Travel

Think about your career as if it were business travel.

If you do not plan to stay in the job for long, you behave like a hotel guest. You are not planning to change anything – and normally you won’t. You may leave some coffee stains on the carpet, collect all toiletries and, by mistake, appropriate a couple of towels: In a big hotel, hardly anybody will care.

If you expect to stay on this project much longer, you rent an apartment. As a tenant, you are allowed to make some changes. You will let the owner take care of the upkeep, and if there’s a problem, you will leave with short notice.

Only if you think you’ve found your purpose, your final destination, and you are here to stay, you will decide to build a house of your own. Yes, it might take you longer, cost much more – but in the end, you will enjoy the responsibilities and the rights that come with it.

So, what about you? Are you renting or ..?

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