Ask Yourself at Least One TVQ Every Day

“What is your janitor’s first name?”

Sounds almost like a PVQ from your bank. But it is not.

A client asked me if I could help him energize his team that was obedient but, well, not engaged.

In reply, I asked if he knew when was the birthday of his new employee, hired last month.

What does it have to do with the team performance?

Actually, it does have a lot.

Before you get anywhere close to team engagement, you need to establish trust. For that, you need to get close to your team. Instead of worrying about their – and your own – “work-life balance,” adopt the idea of “work-play balance” and treat your team as the family that you spend your life with, at work and at play.

I bet you know your siblings’ birthdays. Now that you have a team that you are responsible for, you must know their birthdays as well. They will gladly share their personal details – if they trust you.

Trust is where team efficiency begins.

And you, do you know when is your new team member’s birthday?

Do you know about their hobbies? The name of their pet?

These are Trust Verification Questions.

Ask yourself at least one TVQ every day.