Have You Met Your New Year Yet?

Meeting Secret Benefits

Happy New Year!

And very best wishes – to All Project Managers Not PMPs, managers, and individual contributors!

Have you met the New Year yet? I mean, have you started working after the break?

Most probably you are already having meetings – perhaps, never really stopped having them. The new medical condition “zoom fatigue” is now a trending topic and a new badge of honor for some “leaders.” Meetings have always been a waste of time for them.

My New Year advice to ALL: DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM.

Meetings are to managers what surgeries are to surgeons.

Our “virtual reality” today simply magnified the problems that you must have had for a while. The root cause is simple: your meetings are not conducted properly.

The solution? Invest more time in the planning, preparation, and facilitation of your meetings.

“No time” is not a valid reason. I bet it takes you longer to approve a requisition for a new laptop or even to expense a team meal? Well, just one team meeting costs considerably more, and you have no moral nor legal right to waste it.

But what’s more important:

Meetings is where management happens.

Disagree? then read the above sentence again and answer this question: What is management job if not communicating, exchanging information, taking decisions, and coaching the team?

As we have minimal to none face-to-face contacts now, our communication has become less efficient, even with all these fantastic new and continuously evolving software tools. Good as they are, they cannot replace F-2-F contact, especially when it comes to teamwork and commitment. But they are getting close – if your structure your meetings properly.

Watch this video to learn the three additional benefits of a properly run team meeting.

(This is part of Project Managers Not PMPs free course on YouTube and on MadBright learning site.)

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