REreading Drucker

Some folks love rollercoasters. They go to their favorite amusement park “with the grandkids” but actually thoroughly enjoy the rides themselves.

I get the same sensation rereading Peter Drucker.

Just look at this paragraph written by Drucker in 1957 (that is 65!!! years ago!) – and share the feeling of a free fall with me. How on earth could a business consultant be so prescient in matters seemingly far from his subject matter – management?

If you adhere to Drucker’s view on management, you may realize that those matters are close neighbours. In the same book, Drucker notes that management actually “can be taught as integrating discipline of human values and conduct, of social order and of intellectual inquiry.”

Indeed, there are multiple connections between management and values, and society. Likewise, there are many boundary-spanning ideas in the works of Peter Drucker, Abraham Maslow, and Henry Mintzberg.

Impressed by this quote from Peter Drucker? – share it, and share your thoughts, and come again for more from Drucker, Maslow, and Mintzberg.