Lawsuit Against Glassdoor: a Legal Scam?

Some legal firm from the US approached a local business owner offering him help to file a lawsuit against former employees who continue leaving “defamatory” reviews on Glassdoor. Essentially, they suggest hiring them to wriggle the “offenders’” identities from Glassdoor and then sue the insulters for “substantial damages caused by defamatory reviews,” thereby sending a message to all potential infidels.

Here’s my feedback to this CEO and to numerous other owners and executives who are being canvassed by several internet-based “reputation protection” companies.

  1. The GOOD:
    1. They believe that you have enough cash to cover their legal fees.
    1. Indirectly, they independently confirm that having negative Glassdoor reviews will cost you more. Corollary: they assume that you understand that.
  2. The BAD:
    1. A typical price plan of “reputation protectors” consists of $5,000 – $15,000 downpayment (depending on what they think about your cash flow) followed by payments of a few grand each month “to protect your brand image.” This is going to be a lengthy visit to the dentist.
    1. If the case ever gets to court, additional fees will be added. I doubt the “protectors” expect to have a winning case. Hence, they will do their best to extend the “reputation protection” phase with as many clients as possible.
  3. The UGLY:
    1. Internet marketers know that your company image needs improvement.
    1. They also believe that you will be willing to spend your time and money on protecting your brand and intimidating potential reviewers, while you are not investing any effort into building the company culture and getting your employees involved and engaged.
    1. If the case does get to court (improbable) and you/they win (highly improbable), then the company will tarnish its name forever. The implication that the offenders will (be able to?!?!) “repay the reputational damage” indicates that they are either dilettantes or fraudsters – or both.

Get off their sucker list! Don’t call them back.

There’s a better way to improve the company image and Glassdoor rating: get more positive reviews.

This approach requires minimal effort, will cost you less, and the results are sustainable.

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