Calm Down.

Is it Thursday yet?

I just read somewhere that Thursday is the worst day of the week for many employees – especially for those of us who want to establish that divine work-life balance… By Thursday, they may easily blow the lid unless the pressure is released by a 5-to-7 beer or by the prospect of “hybrid” work from home on Friday. Especially the motivated ones.

One senior executive, when questioned about her team’s motivation, replied with indignation that her team is “very motivated.” – How do you know that? – “They write me emails in which they tell me just that: ‘I am so motivated! I am so motivated!’”

Every company has people like that. That’s not true motivation, and you can’t do much about this type of office culture.

Of course, there are truly motivated people who want to climb mountains. If you are one of them, make sure that you know the true purpose of your ascent and if you know how to descend, just in case.

Do you know your Purpose? Think about it for a minute, CALM DOWN. Chill.

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