Could it be Friday again?!

Is it  T.G.I.F for you – or rather O.M.G.I.F.?

In either case, you could use a chuckle on a Friday.

LEAN: By the time they measure twice, you'll alreday have made the cut!

At Collectiver, we work hard to get some chuckles lined up for you. So that at any time you could unwrap your mind around the issue, whatever your issue may be, descend from the top of it, and perhaps even take a handle off it.

For that purpose, as you may recall, the COMA gallery has been set up. Its collection is growing and will continue growing and be accessible here at, with more entries coming in almost daily.

You can download a printable copy of GO LEAN! poster here.

(If you have more to contribute to COMA (Collectiver Motivational Art) collection, please DM. I will absolutely mention you in the credits.)

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