Work-Life Balance is Achievable

Is Friday a good day, like the best day of the week?

I may have some reservations here, but as the T.G.I.F. bliss suits the majority, Collectiver is here to help you meet the weekend motivated and engaged – with a new (de)motivational poster.

If all goes well during the weekend, and you have been exposed long enough to the appropriate poster – and most posters are downloadable for your engaging convenience – you may feel recharged for the entire work week. (Certain conditions may apply.)

And then, if all goes well during the week, there will be another poster to boost your employee engagement next Friday in our COMA gallery. So, come back to COMA and bring a friend.

Other than that, our COMA gallery is open 24/7 and is discoverable on

I guess that’s what you guys call work-life balance. Enjoy it.