The Google Layoffs saga continues.

People inside and outside Alphabet, who took Google’s stated “core values” at face value are bitterly disappointed, surprised, and frightened. Google boggle: The remarkable brutality of the ongoing layoffs has caused cognitive dissonance.

It should not have. In the knowledge economy, large bloated organizations are not sustainable. We are witnessing the beginning of the global turnaround in the world of business, and Google is just another actor following the “standard procedure.” It is not “Elon Musk style” though. It’s just that the evil genius of Elon Musk is ahead of the curve yet again.

One thing to point out to the hopeful: salary manipulations, like the often suggested 5 percent cut across the board, never work. When the company’s values are severely misaligned – across the board – dollar injections or liposuction have only a short-term transient effect.

(A shoutout to Amir Barnea for his article in Toronto Star.)

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