Student Loan Forgiveness Degree

Student loan forgiveness has been trending for quite some time, and we wanted to support something positive. So we decided to source a new work of art devoted to this sensitive issue and display it at the COMA gallery.

Today we are thrilled to present a new exhibit that will be a worthy addition to your poster collection.

Here’s the story behind the historical image.

As you may know, Collectiver was awe-struck by Forbes Canada’s Best Employers list. While researching the organizations selected by Forbes, we noticed the over-representation of universities on the list. This led to the discovery that there are more university graduates in Canada (and the US, and probably everywhere) than is theoretically possible, and this may well be the root cause of student debt.

And who better to test our groundbreaking hypothesis than Perpetrio Learningson? Rumor has it that Mr. Learningson has more degrees than he can reliably count, and he’s always on the lookout for more. The same can be said about his student debt.

His passion for credentials at bargain prices is unwavering and impervious to any challenges or setbacks. Additionally, he is currently binge-studying on LinkedIn Learning at a rate of about one certificate per day.

Unfortunately, he was unable to offer feedback about our serendipitous finding. Mr. Learningson is very busy pursuing a successful leadership career in parallel with his doctoral studies, expecting to get a PhD (Debt Refinancing Modeling) within six months. He couldn’t make the time to read the post.

However, a paragon of virtue, Mr. Learningson invited Collectiver to do lunch in his high office and was kind enough to take a moment of his lunch to pose for this beautiful portrait. He graciously allowed his personal motto to be quoted on the poster. Which we do, almost verbatim.

Thank you, Perpetrio Learningson! Your generosity counts as a contribution to COMA,
and you will receive a VIP pass soon.

May a framed copy of your portrait serve as an effective forewarning to many degree seekers.

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