Empathy at Work

Whether you are snug as a Director in the public sector, or OpenToWork, it’s Friday! #TGIF

In today’s #COMA #poster, we praise the invaluable art of feigned office friendship and camaraderie at work. Most of us may fondly recall that blissful honeymoon phase at work when our bosses insisted, during every episode of excessive overtime, that:


It’s not just a display of empathy; it’s like a corporate performance where genuine sincerity steps aside, and emotional authenticity checks out early.

Breathtaking indeed!

Some advanced “leaders” make their empathetic expressions so convincing that even they might believe it. At least until the end of the insane business trip.

Until the day comes when we are not family anymore, all of a sudden.

Navigating through this ocean of faux emotions requires a skill set beyond the grasp of mere mortals. The ability to mask indifference with sympathy is truly an art form that only the corporate elite can master, while surviving the drama of corporate empathy is a testament to your resilience and a crucial step toward achieving greatness in the realm of #leadershit.

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