How to Achieve the True Work-Life Balance

Is Friday truly the highlight of the week?

Opinions may differ, but let’s embrace the T.G.I.F. spirit that most people seem to enjoy. Here at Collectiver, however, we may recommend a different approach. We’re all about maintaining that weekday momentum straight through the weekend and carrying the weekend spirit into the following week. And guess what? A regular Friday COMA poster is all the inspiration you need.

Take a look at the guy in today’s poster. That’s a genuine photo taken at an international airport lounge on a weekend. This dude hopped off a connecting flight, grabbed a non-alcoholic beverage and without finishing it (or should I say, without starting it), slumped into a cozy armchair, and… well, you get the picture. An hour later, he was up and about, ready to conquer new frontiers with the same charming smile on his face.

If all goes well during the weekend, and you have been exposed long enough to the appropriate poster – and most posters are downloadable for your engaging convenience – you may feel recharged for the entire work week. (Certain conditions may apply.)

And when the week rolls around again, we’ll have another poster waiting to supercharge your employee engagement come Friday in our COMA gallery. So, dive back into COMA and bring a friend along for the engagement-boost ride.

That’s what we at Collectiver call work-life balance. Enjoy the ride. And if you’re simply in need of a regular recharge for your already finely tuned work-life balance, our COMA gallery is open 24/7 for our most dedicated (dis)engaged followers.

(If you’re not a VIP yet, you can continue your private tour right here.)

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