Thank Goodness It’s Pivot!

TGIF! or TGIP rather.

Power down the servers, pause inboxes, and dock your headsets! Enough already with regurgitating core-competency word salads! It’s code bright green for a 48-hour hard pivot away from daily verticals and upstream workflows spearheaded by servant leadershit.

Enough is enough.

We’ve got side hustles to sunrise and home brews to start kegging. Passion projects are stuck in proof-of-concept purgatory, and our me-space is bottlenecked by draconian SLAs. Pledging any more cubed allegiance today will add zero value. It’s time to stop the disruptive visioning, we’ve disrupted enough for the week.

The only deliverable that matters now is a hard pivot to weekend warrior mode. No more pivoting for penny-snatchers and corner-office lackeys. We pivot for ourselves – away from these innovation theatres and straight towards a restorative Ctrl+Alt+Delight sequence.

Adding more corporate white noise will only clutter your personal bandwidth.

This grind is getting unplugged effective immediately. TGIF!

And if you cannot break the chains yet, not until your boss has quietly vanished, you may stay in COMA and even become a VIP (so that you can stay in COMA 24/7) – or continue your tour here.

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