Punctuality as a Bliss

I had a working breakfast with an old friend this morning, and of course, arrived ridiculously early at the coffee place because I am never late.

And that’s the problem with the real world – nothing is 100%. There’s no such thing as “absolutely” on time – it’s either before or after, even if by just a few moments. So if you want to ensure you’re not late, you come early. Even on Fridays.

There I was, early as usual, thinking how wise I was since there was no parking. With a few minutes to spare, I knew I wouldn’t be late, true to my principles. And right then, my friend calls and asks if I’m coming.

“But we’re meeting at quarter to, no?” – “No, we said half past!” – “OMG! What a disgrace!”

I rushed inside, profusely apologizing for my appalling tardiness. But my friend apologized for me apologizing, as he’d checked his agenda and realized I was actually right – we were meeting at quarter to. He just doesn’t like being late, so he counted in the 15-minute drive subconsciously advancing the meeting time.


Because never being late is just one of my many virtues, with always being right coming in a close second. But knowing my god-given trait, I never argue. At least not with someone who shares this same set of impeccable innate virtues. And not on Friday.

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