Mother’s Day Motivation for Management

We’ve all had those loving bosses who try to mother us at work.

You know the type – those micromanagers who smile sweetly in the morning, then “baby” their teams throughout the day with undisputable “suggestions” and zero autonomy. Even the washroom trips will be monitored and critiqued. While our actual mothers gave us healthy independence to grow, these corporate watchdogs won’t let experienced professionals take even the smallest steps alone.

Try pitching an innovative idea that implies some risk? If lucky, you’ll get that same dismissive look as when you asked mom at age 7 if you could cross the street solo. “You’re not ready for that responsibility!” Question it further and they’ll gladly prove it during your forthcoming performance assessment.

So this weekend, we have a great reason to forget about your motherly boss – and celebrate the moms who empowered you to become a capable adult.

Happy Mother’s Day to all real mothers!

And don’t forget to invite your working Mom to our #COMA Gallery! It is always open to those craving a dose of leadershit endurance or seeking an extra shot of (de)motivation on the fly, with the VIP entrance perpetually open 24/7  — because sometimes, you deserve exclusive instant access to the absurdity. Or just invite your Mom to continue the COMA Tour together.

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