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It’s Fryday

It’s Fryday

Bonjour, mes révolutionnaires de bureau! Brace yourselves for a weekend that’s about to go from deliciously greasy to historically queasy. We’re starting with National French Fries Day and climaxing with Bastille Day (with a certain convention starting next week). Sounds like a combo recipe for revolution! Here’s your agenda for this Franco-American weekend: Launch your […]

Keeping You Motivated: COMA Grand Opening with (de)Motivational Posters

Keeping You Motivated: COMA Grand Opening with (de)Motivational Posters

According to research, motivational posters generally do not work. In fact, even the most impressive image loses its motivational force if you are exposed to it for an extended time, and undermines your natural desire to work better. Conversely, if you are exposed long enough to what, in all honesty, is a DEmotivational poster – […]

Calm Down.

Calm Down. Motivational posters from Collectiver

Is it Thursday yet? I just read somewhere that Thursday is the worst day of the week for many employees – especially for those of us who want to establish that divine work-life balance… By Thursday, they may easily blow the lid unless the pressure is released by a 5-to-7 beer or by the prospect […]

Work Smart

Work Smart Work Smart by Collectiver

“Working smart” — is when you do whatever is expected from you within regular hours. If you mention “working hard” regularly, for whatever reason – that means something is missing. However, if you’re having fun at work 12 hours a day, while still contributing to society and getting a fair reward for your efforts, then […]

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Servant Leadership is impossible without humblebragging

Are you already in the office, working hard, fueling your exceptional productivity with coffee? Good. But does your team know that you are an exceptionally good leader? Do not forget to share a snapshot of your coffee with your team. Just to lead by example. But humbly. Do not say anything else. Note that showing […]

Make Every Minute of Your Life Count Towards Your Goal

Make Every Minute of Your Life Count Towards Your Goal My Goal

If you want to be efficient, you must work towards your goal – always. Even if you are chatting with a colleague about last weekend’s BBQ, you should have a goal. Perhaps your goal is to have a short break before you get back to work. But you must be consciously aware of this intermediate goal […]