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Really, What Makes an Effective Executive?

Really, What Makes an Effective Executive?

Whenever I ask this question, I always hear the usual sacred mixture of “integrity,” “willpower,” “leadership,” and, of course, “charisma.” The most promising HiPos would proudly throw in “emotional intelligence.” Those fuzzy buzzwords are supposed to make all aspiring executives salivate but none answers the question or offers at least a practical first step. For […]

Brian Fetherstonhaugh: “The Long View”

Brian Fetherstonhaugh: “The Long View” Required Reading

Over the weekend, I have read a very interesting book – “The Long View” by Brian Fetherstonhaugh. Brian Fetherstonhaugh is the Chairman & CEO of OgilvyOne, but the book is not about marketing. It is a thoughtful but clear feedback on his personal career experiences, supported by “business cases” from the careers of other successful […]