Collectiver Consulting: Aligned leadership, Engaged teams, Sustainable results

Aligned leadership.

Engaged teams.

Sustainable results.

Collectiver Inc. is a management consultancy located in Montreal, Canada. We design and implement "soft" changes that drive down costs and improve operational effectiveness.

Welcome to Collectiver!

Our clients achieve sustainable results without capital expenses by focusing their effort on three key areas:

– Enlightened Leadership
– Advanced Management Systems
– Engaged Workforce

We do not provide strategic advice; we partner with our clients and deliver measurable results together.

After the initial assessment, we agree on the opportunities for improvement and KPIs to be achieved. Typically, we achieve a 5:1 ROI within the first 6 to 12 months of partnership – which makes your improvement virtually cost-free.

Sergei BrOVKIN

Sergei is the Founder and Principal of Collectiver  Inc.

Sergei has over 30 years of business experience, including 20+ years in professional project management and 10 years in international consulting, working with clients in over 8 industries and in 12 countries.

Sergei holds an MSc(Eng.) degree, an MBA (Strategic management) from McGill University, and has continued his education in management and psychology. He is PMP, Lean Six Sigma, ITIL, and PROPS certified.

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Collectiver Inc. takes its name from our smart online recommender tool originally launched in 2011. 

The tool has evolved and is now known as Q7 Culture Compass

We gained  experience, and now we are a consulting company partnering with organizations on projects that help good people and teams become better – virtually at no cost

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