Are You Well Aligned With Your Team?

Check your team values with Collectiver Q7 Culture Compass. 

The Q7 tool will help you see what drives you and your team and if those drivers – your basic human values – are aligned.

Why Values?

Today, every organization is fundamentally a team. There’s almost no area of life where people succeed individually. That’s why internal alignment is critical to business success.

According to Peter F. Drucker:

“Organizations, like people, have values. To be effective in an organization, a person’s values must be compatible with the organization’s values. They do not need to be the same, but they must be close enough to coexist. Otherwise, the person will not only be frustrated but also will not produce results.”

The root cause of poor team performance is a misalignment between the declared goals of the company and the individual goals of the team members. To ensure alignment, HR would use behavioral and situational questioning – an interview technique based on the assumption that past behaviors predict future behavior and performance.

This is an outdated assumption. We all know that behaviors can be faked, while values hardly ever change. And values are the top-level goals that drive behaviors. Your company culture is the expression of Goals through Values. The values are the vectors that must point in the same direction if you are serious about your team’s success.

The key objective of the business leader is to ensure that the team members’ values are congruent: the Purpose of your business, your own Values, and the Values of your team.

This is what our unique Q7 Collectiver Culture Compass will help you with.

Since 2011, Collectiver has been helping individuals and teams to find their “North Star.” Selecting partners for their values is the only way to achieve harmony and optimal performance while maintaining a genuinely diverse team. The Collectiver tool has evolved since its early days as a LinkedIn-connected app for job-seekers, and its unique idea has been refined further based on new research and user feedback.

A recent article in Harvard Business Review describes a similar model developed by a leading American global executive search and leadership consulting firm. You may want to read the article to get a broader view of the idea behind the methodology, based on Dr. Shalom Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Human Values.

To assess your team’s culture and potential, you will need to compare two or more profiles: their congruence indicates if those persons could make an efficient team, i.e. if your business culture is strong enough. It takes ONE MINUTE to answer the 7 “A/B” questions, and your stars will appear on the Values Map after the daily update.

Elon Musk was quoted saying: “Every person in your company is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors. …  Pulling hard is worthless if you’re not pulling in the same direction.”

If you want to research your team alignment and contribute to the Q7 development, your team may qualify for a free assessment.

For more details and for a team potential assessment, please contact Collectiver.