Are You Well Aligned With Your Team?

Collectiver Q7 tool will show your “true North” and get you aligned with teammates, colleagues and friends.

In other words, the tool will help you see what drives you and your team and if those drivers are aligned.

(You may click on the slideshow to the right, and look at the sample cases as well.)

Follow the instructions on the Q7 FORM, answer the 7 “A/B” questions, and your star will appear on the Celestial Map after the daily update. You will see your star on the Map but your answers and identity will remain confidential.

Your company culture is the expression of Goals through Values.

To achieve your Goals, make sure that your Values are aligned. And that includes your own and your team’s basic values.

This Q7 tool is FREE for individuals who want to get their Star on the map. You will receive a screenshot of the Map with your star highlighted for you if you help our research and answer optional questions as well. The location of the star indicates your dominant values and can help you in your career and personal development.
To assess your company/team culture and to improve teamwork, you will need to compare two or more profiles: their congruence indicates if those persons could make a good team, i.e. if your business culture is strong enough.

For more details and team assessments, please contact Collectiver by email.

A recent article in Harvard Business Review describes a similar model developed by a leading American global executive search and leadership consulting firm. You may want to read the article to get a broader view of the idea behind the methodology.