Assess Your Process Performance Potential

My partner, a good company that wants to become excellent, came up with a list of questions that allows to assess and score their business processes. We decided not to call it a maturity model. We call it a Process Performance Potential chart because it gives you an indication of whether we are potentially on the right track.

This is a great improvement compared to the legacy audit and assessment monstrosities that their production and operations managers (never actually) used.

For simplicity, we came up with a 1-10 rating scale, giving the maximum of 100. As the scores are inherently subjective, there’s no value in making the math more sophisticated. Likewise, measuring against the alleged industry average etc. is pointless: all you need is to set a benchmark and do your best improving and sustaining the result regardless of how the competition is doing.

Of course, before asking yourself the ten questions, you need to answer the #0 question: Does this process impact our KPIs?

Before asking yourself the ten questions, you need to answer the Number Zero question:
Does this process impact our KPIs?

In addition to the overall score (ideally at 100), you get additional insights if you consider the following subtotals: baseline quality (Qs 1-4), sustainability (Qs 5-7) and growth (8-10). Checking your core processes using this questionnaire every quarter or half-year, you will get a good picture of where you are and what needs to be taken care of next.

Here are the 10 questions that we use and find really effective:

  1. Are the process outputs clearly defined and measurable?
  2. Are the process inputs clearly defined and measurable?
  3. Are the intermediate deliverables (milestones) clear?
  4. Has this process been documented as described/applied?
  5. Do all process steps have owners?
  6. Are process interfaces and handover points clear?
  7. Do all process participants accept and follow the process as documented?
  8. Do we maintain historical process data?
  9. Have we reviewed the process in the last 6÷12 months?
  10. Does the team (all process participants) contribute to the process improvement?

What questions would you add or revise?

We will then update the tool and possibly its name based on the crowd-sourced feedback.

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