Three Rules Making the Millennials Truly Great

Facebook/Goose Island

I support and respect the Millennials for their choice of premium beer.

It is amazing to see how real life confirms certain fundamental principles that are valid for business as well as for personal growth!

From the article penned by a qualified Millennial @Kate_H_Taylor in @businessinsider, it is obvious that their choice is inspired by the Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great coined by Mumtaz Ahmed and Michael E. Raynor:

  1. Better before cheaper—in other words, get high on quality differentiators rather than low price.
  2. Revenue before cost—that is, prioritize increasing your earnings over reducing spending.
  3. There are no other rules—so change anything you must to follow Rules 1 and 2. And that’s what the Millennials do: by ditching the “iconic brands” they demonstrate their willingness to change and to fight the “we-have-always-drank-it” retrograde excuse.

Read the original article by Kate Taylor at Business Insider here.

Photo creds: Facebook/Goose Island

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