CEO Blog Nation: Will There Be More Entrepreneurs?

Growing empowerment and embracing of individuality is motivating more people to begin their entrepreneurship journey. But the big question, will there be or less entrepreneurs in the future? CEO Blog Nation asked entrepreneurs their thoughts on the future of entrepreneurship and here’s what they we had to say:

But Of Course!

Of course, there will be more entrepreneurs in the future. We have been blessed to live in a relatively safe world for a couple of generations now. Our personal priorities have shifted from security and stability to growth and self-development. Now we focus more on enjoying life through personal meaning and development.

Large corporations will eventually go out of business or transform dramatically. Business focus is shifting towards “soft” skills and flexibility. Corporations are not good at either. In addition, with the IT and AI, there’s no need to stock up on in-house “hard’ competence; it is the “soft” stuff that gives the competitive edge, although not everybody understands that yet.

They were good at ensuring job security, 9-to-5 “work-life balance”, and stable pay – but not anymore. Now all they can guarantee is office politics and thinly veiled coercion to “go an extra mile” for your boss if you want to stay employed. That consumes a lot of energy and kills innovation. Today we need “work-play” balance and the recognition of being useful to society. This is more achievable in the entrepreneurial environment, where we can easily team-up with like-minded individuals and creatively pursue goals important to us.

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