Servant Leadership

Are you already in the office, working hard, fueling your exceptional productivity with coffee?


But does your team know that you are an exceptionally good leader?

Do not forget to share a snapshot of your coffee with your team. Just to lead by example. But humbly. Do not say anything else.

Note that showing a valid timestamp is more important than showing the coffee itself, just let them know that as a true servant leader, you start early, because you need to take care of everything – and that requires that you put in extra time. But otherwise – you are like everybody else, just a bit sleepy, so you made yourself a coffee…

And if you are alone in the office, you may as well just download and share this poster, or more: our #COMA Gallery is always open to those craving a dose of leadershit endurance or seeking an extra shot of (de)motivation on the fly.

(VIP entrance is perpetually open — because sometimes, you deserve exclusive access to the absurdity.)

If you have a good (de)motivational poster (or idea) to contribute to COMA (Collectiver Motivational Art) collection, please DM. You will obtain COMA VIP status and I will absolutely mention you in the credits.