WFH, V-Day, and the Productivity Myth: Valentine’s Friday Reality Check

Happy #TGIF to all the WFH warriors out there! Here’s a question for you: Is WFH truly the dream work arrangement during Valentine’s week?

Having won this never-ending tug of war with your boss, some might realize that WFH can be more of a pain – literally – during this romantic time.

Sure, WFH can feel like a haven (or Heaven?) for some, but for the rest of us, that longing for an occasional face-to-face (even if “optional”) can turn into an obsession on a day like today.

So, raise your tea mug (or coffee, no judgment) to the messy glory of in-person productivity – and to the newest VIP who contributed this latest addition to the COMA collection. Because let’s face it, it’s not just about where you work, but who you work with – on Fridays and beyond.

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