Dream Big! Exciting VR Gadget!

Collectiver Inc. is thrilled to announce our latest groundbreaking product: the world’s first AI-powered virtual reality leadershit goggles that let you experience your dream C-level job in real time!

Simply borrow a VR headset from an unsuspecting colleague, download our Dream Big app in the Apple Play or Google Store, configure the details of your career aspirations — and click the Drool button. Our cutting-edge technology will generate a fully immersive simulation tailored just for you. No more wondering ‘What if I become CEO?’ – now you can live out your professional dreams without any risk or commitment. The effect is so close to reality that you won’t even remember to return the Oculus.

To order yours today for the introductory price of $99.99, go to collectiver.com and type “Leadershit Now” in the search box. Or drop directly into COMA for more (de)motivating content.

(Disclaimer: In order for this groundbreaking gadget to work properly, you must completely forget that you ordered it on April 1st.)