“Lean” is to Businesses as “Weight Watchers” is to Individuals

Ever noticed that Lean is very similar to Weight Watchers?

Both promise the moon, have a cult-like following – and both fail to deliver sustainable results in most cases. Did you know “repeat customers” are a mainstay of the Weight Watchers’ strategy? The Lean approach is not much different.

Other popular fad diets to compare:




Further notable commonalities:

–        all may have a positive impact because they encourage to analyze what’s on your plate;

–        in most cases, a lot of related businesses spring up around them, creating waves of new “gurus” who attempt to create barriers to entry and boost their fees;

–        negative results and harmful side effects become common when artificial products “specially formulated” to accelerate the process are introduced;

–        split opinions among professionals;

–        all promise – but none guarantees sustainable results.

Your personal and business performance improves when you set a meaningful goal, create a realistic plan and then follow the plan conscientiously. Just hiring a certified nutritionist or buying a gym membership will not bring noticeable results until you have committed to change.

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