Thinking Outside the Box on Friday

Hey everyone, Happy Friday!

Although you are probably chanting #TGIF, let’s talk about thinking outside the box, shall we? And it’s not because there are not enough corporate boxes lying around and ready to confine our creativity, but exactly because those boxes are the reason why we start celebrating Fridays already after Wednesday lunch.

Imagine if Steve Jobs had stayed inside the box. We’d probably still be lugging around those brick-like cellphones, wondering why we couldn’t check our Instagram while waiting in line for coffee. But no! Steve said, “Hey, why not cram a computer in your pocket?” And boom: Half the world is reading this on an iPhone (which was officially launched on Friday, BTW).

So, my fellow box-dwellers, why don’t you channel your inner Picasso – or your inner Elon Musk if you want to be current – and break free from the mundane?

Because we all know that thinking outside the box isn’t just a phrase – it’s a different way of life. Why reimagine your morning meeting routines or reinvent the office snack bar with gourmet avocado toast, when all you have to do in return for the paycheck is keeping inside the box?…

If you agree with the answer but not with the result, maybe you’ll find some solace in this COMA gallery. Continue your tour, embrace the exhibits that could make today the day you kick your box to the curb and abandon the TGIF fallacy altogether.

And then share your experience, join other VIPs in COMA, and gain your free access to a dose of leadershit endurance or an extra shot of (de)motivation 24/7.

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