Improve Your Process Performance

Are you seeking ways to enhance your business processes without breaking the bank? Look no further! Our simple and effective method and tool will help you assess and improve your process performance, delivering measurable results within days.

Introducing the Process Performance Potential (PPP) tool, developed in partnership with a client – a good company that wants to become excellent. Our handy tool consists of ten straightforward questions that help you evaluate and score your business processes with ease. To keep things clear and straightforward, we’ve intentionally avoided using fancy terminologies like “maturity model.” We refer to it as a Process Performance Potential tool since it provides an indication of whether we are on the right track.

This is a great improvement compared to the legacy audit and assessment monstrosities that their production and operations managers (never actually) used.

With our user-friendly 1-10 rating scale, totaling up to a maximum score of 100, there’s no need for complicated calculations. Forget about comparing yourself to industry averages too. Instead, set your own performance benchmarks and concentrate on continuous improvement, irrespective of your competitors’ achievements. By emphasizing progress over comparison, you’ll elevate your performance and achieve excellence on your own terms.

And now our PPP tool is available for your use!

Of course, before you can measure and improve your processes, it’s important to first have at least some processes in place. Assuming you already have a process in place, there’s an essential question that must be answered before moving forward: Does this process impact our key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Before asking yourself the ten questions, you need to answer the #0 question:
Does this process impact our KPIs?

For deeper insights, consider the following subtotals alongside the overall score (ideally aiming for 100): baseline quality (questions 1-4), sustainability (questions 5-7), and growth (questions 8-10). By periodically revisiting these questionnaire assessments every quarter or half-year, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your current standing and identify areas that require attention.

Without further ado, here are the ten questions that have proven highly effective in driving process improvement:

  1. Are the process outputs clearly defined and measurable?
  2. Are the process inputs clearly defined and measurable?
  3. Are the intermediate deliverables (milestones) clear?
  4. Has this process been documented as described/applied?
  5. Do all process steps have owners?
  6. Are process interfaces and handover points clear?
  7. Do all process participants accept and follow the documented process?
  8. Do we maintain historical process data?
  9. Have we reviewed the process in the last 6÷12 months?
  10. Does the team (all process participants) contribute to the process improvement?

Just start asking yourself these questions, and prepare to be amazed by the immediate results you’ll witness. The journey to enhanced process performance starts here and now.

UPDATE: You can now download the PPP tool – Excel table and graph – right here. Grey cells are editable: just replace dummy data with your scores – and start improving.

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