Perfect Cure for Burnout

We’ve all been there – juggling countless tasks, dealing with impossible deadlines, and trying to keep our heads above the ever-rising tide of emails. But whatever is in those emails, humour is our armour against the perils of the corporate jungle. Remember, laughter is the best therapy for burnout – just make sure you don’t laugh too hard (while your boss is still around).

On a more serious note, laughter helps – but has only a short-term therapeutic effect, while ENGAGEMENT is the true antidote to BURNOUT! To avoid the latter, one must actively pursue the former. This could involve severing ties with your current employer. While this choice may initially lead to a longer weekend, the overall long-term benefits are undeniable. Although taking action today might be out of reach, reflecting on this opportunity over the weekend is certainly worthwhile.

If you think you are getting too close now, go home! Take a well-deserved break, unwind, and come back to conquer new challenges when you are ready, tomorrow or maybe Monday – or perhaps later and to a better place…

In the meantime, try to stay fabulous and motivated, and remember that you’re awesome! And so are we: no matter what happens next week, we’ve got your back with another dose of (de)motivational posters at COMA – the perfect place to recharge your battery.

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