STEM Gender Gap: Shining Light on the Path to Fulfilling Future

Gallup is worried that females born between 1997 and 2011 are somewhat less interested in STEM sectors, compared with males. The rest of us should have more to worry about.

According to a recent survey, the primary reason for ladies’ reduced interest in STEM is simple: more women than men “don’t enjoy STEM.” It is noteworthy that more men than women claim they “don’t know enough about STEM” or “can’t afford the education a STEM career requires,” suggesting no significant “barrier to entry” for ladies.

Likewise, managers and tech employees in private discussions, admit that a gender gap may exist – but it is more individual than industry-specific. Both male and female software wizards are doing just fine financially. The real issue lies beyond STEM, in the difficult-to-measure ‘soft’ fields, where incapable “leaders” achieve savings by cutting pay instead of fixing inefficiencies.

Why nobody is paying attention to the obvious? Despite the hype around “women in STEM,” the research indicates that women are more interested in life and physical sciences. To address the pay gap, maybe we should shine the spotlight on the life and physical sciences scene. The belief that technology is the sole driving force behind humanity’s future is myopic, if not criminal. Technology, including the current AI buzz, often just plays puppet to the grand puppet master—“shareholder value”—calling the shots for media and pollsters like Gallup.

Ever wonder why we often hear about the Learning Crisis? The problems in education are largely stemming from an insufficient supply of high-quality teachers. Now, what’s up with healthcare? Numerous communities worldwide are still lacking access to basic health education and services.

And have you heard about global warming?.. The list is long. While these issues might seem like they are from different playlists, they are, particularly in “developed” countries, correlated with the “progressive” push to get more women into STEM.

Fortunately, many women continue showing more interest in life sciences. While they can step in when needed, like Rosy the Riveter did back in the day, we should be thankful to those dedicating their lives where they shine the brightest. It’s high time we recognize that the “soft” sciences will push humankind further—away from the clutches of mainstream “progressive” and the cash-hungry crusaders of “shareholder value.” Let’s rally the support these sciences deserve. It’s high time to recognize that “soft” sciences will push humankind further if there’s enough support to save it from the mainstream progressives  and cash-hungry proponents of “shareholder value.”